Deadline for submission: February, 16, 2019

Abstracts must be submitted via this website. Faxed or emailed abstracts will not be considered.
In the next page, the following windows must be completed.

Presenting author, name and contact details. Note that the name of the presenting author may be changed by emailing to the organizational secretary.
Abstract title, limited to 25 words in UPPERCASE
Authors, City and/or Country (p.e. Smith L.G. Buffalo, USA), limited to 30 words
Abstract Text, limited to 300 words, in Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12.

The text must be submitted with the following sections: Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions.

References are not obligatory and word count is affected by inclusion of references. The text can’t contain tables or figures. It will be possible to arrange a video session if we receive enough requests; please contact the organizational secretary.

The instructions for the dimensions of the poster will be communicated after the deadline