Dear colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to join us at our 1st International Conference on
Teleneurorehabilitation, which will be held in Crotone (Italy) on May 10th-11th, 2019.

Studies on Telerehabilitation systems and managements have been growing significantly
in the last decade, and this rehabilitative approach has been widely accepted and is now
well established. Nevertheless, Telerehabilitation is likely to remain incomplete from the
point of view of general care, due to persistent cost and political issues in particular.

For this reason, during the last World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation congress held
in Mumbai, participants of the Special Interest Group on Telerehabilitation agreed to
organise this 1st Conference, in which to share clinical and organisational information
and create a worldwide network of colleagues and friends involved in the same topic.

We look forward to welcoming all professionals involved or interested in telerehabilitation
research and practice.

Save the date!

Yours sincerely
Paolo Tonin
Chair of WFNR-SIG on Telerehabilitation


February 22, 2019 Registration at Early Bird Fee

April 30, 2019 Registration at Regular Fee

February, 16, 2019 Abstracts submission

Scientific Committee

Michela Agostini (Venezia)
Placido Bramanti (Messina)
Annie Hill (Brisbane)
Nam-Yong Paik (Seoul)
Loris Pignolo (Crotone)
Mauro Zampolini (Foligno)
Paolo Tonin (Crotone)

Organizational Secretariat
Lidia Romania (Crotone)